The CONCEPT Collection : Spring 2011′

LaVec’s new collection is finally here. After a long year of growing as a company they are coming out with a whole new approach. The Artwork of Esteban Del Rio is being tied in with LaVec’s messages! If you study closely, all of the graphics in ‘The Concept Line’ are connected. They come from the word ‘Self-Awareness’. “You must know yourself. The concept of awareness is the most important ingredient in your life. To be aware of who you truly are, or not to be. That is the question…” Dr. Franklin Del Rio, Creator of ‘La Vida Es Chevere’,comments.


‘In The Heights’ Broadway Cast – Corbin Bleu, David Del Rio, and Janet Dacal wearing LaVec !

Corbin Bleu wearing ‘Peace Love Joy’ Tee

David Del Rio, Janet Dacal, and Corbin Bleu wearing LaVec

David Del Rio (Observe Tee), Janet Dacal (See Everyone As You Tee), and Corbin Bleu (Peace Love Joy Tee)

ITH Cast with LaVec Head Designer ; Esteban Del Rio

Our very own, David Del Rio, wearing ‘I am 100% Energy’ Tee

Janet Dacal wearing ‘Heaven Is Within You’ Tee

LaVec’s mission is to generate an optimistic influence and cultivate positive energy in people’s minds; awakening in every human being an enthusiastic attitude towards life ! Let’s spread the word ! Purchase your LaVec apparel today at !

The Del Rio Family-Teaching us That La Vida es Chevere

We wrote about La Vida es Chevere back in December because we were so thrilled to learn of a family-run company committed to the business of…inspiring people.  We were even more thrilled when they generously gave us the opportunity to bring their beautifully messaged t-shirts to you as one of our Savvy Gifts this week.

While you wait for your chance to be one of the first 50 to win this Friday, March 19th, I’ll leave you with some of the impassioned posts from the LaVec blog, written by the Del Rio family, founders of La Vida es Chevere…

“You may have any feeling you desire at any moment you wish. And now , here is the real miracle. Often you will find that CREATING A FEELING INSIDE YOU CAN CREATE AN EVENT OUTSIDE YOU, this is because feelings move energy around, and energy is the stuff of life.”

“FEELINGS are a great tool of the brain that most people are not using in their most effective way. MOST PEOPLE SPEND THEIR LIVES REACHING TO FEELINGS, RATHER THAN CREATING WITH THEM. Did you know that you can simply THINK of an event and capture the feelings you wish to experience?”

You can follow the blog here and if you can’t wait until Friday, get one of their shirts here.

To see the write-up

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Check out what David Del Rio said about LaVec in a recent interview with

You have a clothing line with your family?

Yes, my dad, Franklin, started this group on Facebook, La Vida Es Chevere, which means life is awesome. My brother is a clothing designer and we are selling T-Shirts, wristbands, journals, etc.

The purpose of this line is to create a positive influence and energy in people’s mind. If you are in a good situation, it can always be better. If you are in a bad situation, it will get better. Live like your life is awesome; realize how awesome your life is. That is what the clothing line my family is part of and is trying to express. Besides, the t-shirts look really cool. My brother is currently working on the spring collection. The clothing and accessories are sold online and my father gives positives messages on Facebook every morning. You feel like you want to change the world. I gave all of my Nickelodeon friends a t-shirt.

To see the read the full interview click below.